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About Us

Having worked all my life in secretarial/office manager roles, back in 2015 I began to indulge my passion for crafting and started making natural soap for family and friends.  In 2017 I took the plunge and turned my hobby into a small business, which quickly flourished and grew to such an extent that, 5 years later, I'm having to downsize (by effectively ditching the wholesale side of the business) just to maintain that all-important work-life balance!  In February 2022 we moved from Old Leake near Boston to Market Harborough to be nearer to family and hopefully enjoy life a bit more!   

When I'm not making soap hubby and I both enjoy the outdoors, gardening, walking and cycling.  We're really looking forward to exploring the beautiful countryside and nature reserves around our new Leicestershire home!


My goal is to make a worthwhile, ethical product that people will love and sell it at a fair price.  I believe very strongly that commercial soaps, shower gels, shampoos etc. are bad for us - both environmentally and personally.  Totally natural soap works - so why use anything else?

I never use plastic packaging.  In fact, I use minimal packaging of any kind on my soaps.  I don't see the point in a paper/cardboard wrapper which, 5 minutes after you get it home, ends up in the bin.  Remember that all packaging - including eco-friendly options - has to be manufactured, which uses resources such as water and energy.  I like to think that my soaps speak for themselves - I don't need fancy packaging (which of course the customer ends up paying for) to help sell them!  So for posting, my bars are simply but securely wrapped in tissue paper and sent in a Green Jiffy bag, which is 100% recyclable.  All the information you need - ingredients, weight, contact details etc - are readily available at point of sale (my website) and a batch code is stamped on the soap itself.  It's really important to me that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision whether or not to purchase my products. I will never use palm oil (see the FAQs section for more details).  

My Soap and the Law

By law, all soap recipes must comply with current cosmetic safety regulations and be certified by a qualified chemist before they can be sold to the public.  Not everyone is aware of this.  The same rules apply whether you sell hundreds of bars a year or half a dozen at the local school fete.  All my soaps have been certified as safe by a qualified chemist. 

The law also dictates how cosmetic products must be labelled so you, the customer, can see exactly what's in each product.    Of course this is a good thing, but it does mean having to show the long Latin or scientific names for every single ingredient as decreed by INCI  (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).  So please don't be put off by the long and complex-looking ingredients list - everything really is natural!  

​I am proud to be a member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers - a peer support network which only accepts members who comply with current regulations.
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