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Natural Artisan Skincare

Best Sellers

100 % Natural

All my soaps and shampoo bars are made from 100% natural ingredients because I believe they're better for our skin.  You won't find SLS, SLES, parabens or any other "nasties" in my recipes. 100% natural oils and botanicals can produce soap which is really effective and so gentle with loads of lather - why use anything else?

Vegan Friendly

All my soaps and shampoo bars are cruelty free, made from sustainably sourced ingredients and 100% Vegan*

*The Honey & Oatmeal body soap is 100% Vegetarian  

Palm Oil Free

I don't use Palm Oil - whether so-called "sustainable" or not.  Two reasons: a) I can't forgive the industry for the harm it's doing to the environment; b) there's so many wonderful oils you can make soap with, which bring beneficial qualities like great lather, moisturising, nourishing and bar hardness to the end product.  Palm oil brings nothing to the party - it's  just a cheap filler. 
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